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Video trailer of burushaski song Balik has been released

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گلگت بلتستان کا قابل فخر بیٹا وجاہت شاہ عالمی (NESCAFA Basement Season-5) کے لیے منتخب ہوگئے ہیں۔ ملٹی ٹیلنٹڈ ارٹسٹ وجاہت شاہ عالمی ، جنہوں نے نیشنل کالج آف ارٹس #NCA سے حال ہی میں میوزکالوجی کی ڈگری حاصل کر لی ہے وجا ہت نے اپنی صلاحیتو ں کو وسعت دیتے ہوئے ملکی و غیر ملکی سطح پر اپنے فن کا مزاہرہ کرچکے ہے اور کر تے رہیں گے ،ساتھ ہی وہ اپنی قابلیت کا لوہا منواتے ہوئے #Endangering_Musical_Traditions کی تحفظ پہ ریسرچ کر رہا ہے۔ پوری قوم ان کی کامیابی اور روشن مستقبل کے لیے دعا گو ہیں۔

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Mr.Mohsin Hayat

Mohsin Hayat

A great Poet belongs to main Chitral
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Sajida Jan
Hello I am Sajida Jan daughter of Momin Jan from Sandi Yasin. I am glad to share my life experience with the people This is my story……. As a kid ,I completed my middle school education from Sandi Yasin,embracing precious memories from DJPS Dalsandi and LRHS Sandi.After then,i joined AKHSS Gahkuch,which turned out to be a life changing turn of my life.Studying there for four years I was lucky enough to get a chance to apply for UWC-another way of living the same life. Currently I am doing my IB (International Baccularates) from United World College of Costa Rica, Central America.Being a part of UWC family does not only give a new dimension to your thoughts but a complete transformation of personality can be experienced here. According to my rules life I s what is what you decide it to be.Being a girl from mountains it was never easy for me to reach where I am today.I took me a long time struggle. The credit mainly goes to my family and my parents especially , who showed me the path of glory. With the spirit go and explore

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Mr.Zafar Waqar Taj

Zafar Waqar Taj

A great Poet belongs to main Gilgit Baltistan
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بی بی عزیز
بی بی عزیز گلگت بلتستان کی قابل فخر بیٹی بی بی عزیز نے اپنی صلاحیتوں کو وسعت دیتے ہوئے پاکستان نیشنل فٹبال ٹیم میں بحیسیت گول کیپر اپنی جگہ بنالی ہے۔ بی بی عزیز نے ماضی میں بہت سارے قومی سطح کی میچز میں حصہ لیتے ہوئے میڈلز اپنے نام کر چکی ہے۔ بی بی عزیز انک مشیور کھلاڈی ہونے کے ساتھ ساتھ ایک قابل تحسین اور لائق ستائش اسٹوڈنٹ بھی ہے جوکہ یونیورسیٹی اف لاہور سے گریجویشن کر رہی ہے۔ بی بی عزیز کا ابائی گاوں مرخن گلگت ہے اور ابھی لاہور پاکستان میں رہائش پزیر ہے۔ پوری قوم بی بی عزیز کی بہتر مستقبل کے لیے پرامید اور دعاگو ہیں۔

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Mis Dina Baig

Diana Baig

Circket player from Hunza Gilgit Baltistan
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ڈاکٹر شائستہ کریم
حال ہی میں گلگت بلتستان کی قابل فخر بیٹی شائستہ کریم نے اپنی قابلیت کو وسعت دیتے ہوئے آرمی میڈیکل کالج (AMC) سے Bachelors of Dental Surgery کی ڈگری حاصل کرچکی ہے۔ ساتھ ہی ساتھ (AMC) میں بطور افیشل ڈاکٹر اپنی کام سرانجام دے رہی ہیں۔ شائستہ کریم کاتعلق گلگت بلتستان کے ضلع غذر سے ہے اور والد ماجد جناب محمدکریم(شہید) بھی پاک ارمی میں بہترین کارکردگی کی بنیاد پر ستارۂ جرئت اپنے نام کر چکا تھا۔ پوری قوم شائستہ کریم کی روشن مستقبل کے لیے دعاگو ہیں۔

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Mr.Shahid Akhter Qalander

Shahid Akhter Qalander

A great Poet belongs to Hunza Gilgit Baltistan
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سیدرہ نوشین
گلگت بلتستان کی ایک اور قابل فخر بیٹی سیدرہ نوشین نے اپنی شوق کو دانشمندگی سے اپنا مستقل شبہ بناتے ہوئے گلگت بلتستان کی پہلی خاتون شیف کا اعزاز احاصل کر لیا۔ جنہونے اپنی ہائرایجوکیشن کراچی کے مشہور سرکاری تعلمی ادارہ رانا لیاقت علی خان کالج اف ہوم اکنامکس سے کر رکھی ہے۔ پوری قوم بشمول سیدرہ کے والد جناب صفدر خان اپنی بیٹی کی ترقی و روشن مستقبل کے لیے دعاگو ہیں۔

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Mr.Asif Ali Ashraf

Asif Ali Ashrif

A great Poet belongs to Yasin Gilgit Baltistan
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Our Team

Sardar Ali

CEO of GB Got Talent

Web Developer and student of Bscs.Belongs to Gilgit Baltistan living in islamabad pakistan. co-founder of NGO "yes we can" having job at webista-solutions softwear house islamabad

Asif Khan Happy

Chief.Marketing.Officer of GB Got Talent

Great Social acctivist having master degree of socialogy from ARID University. and chairman of GBTES & GBCL , CEO of GB mountain Foods Rawalpindi

Ali Ahmed Jaan

Chief Media Officer of GB Got Talent

Social Activist, Nationalist and great Artist having master degree of Mass-Communication amd Urdu from Karachi University.currently he is working at FM-89.4 islamabad as a producer.

Dr. Aliya Abid

C.M.O of GB Got Talent

She is a young professional Pharmacist. She did her (Pharm-D)Doctor of Pharmacy from Hamdard University Karachi. Dr. Aliya is currently working as Pharmacist in Aga Khan University Hospital Medical Center Rawalpindi. She is a volunteer Representative Health Worker and involved in educating the public regarding health issues.

Ali Nasir

F.M of GB Got Talent

Engineer Ali Nasir doing his MSC in Project Management from SZABIST university islamabad. he is also a young business man belongs to Gojal hunza ,Now he is living in islamabad

Majida Fehmi

H.R.M of GB Got Talent

Great socialist and artist ,CEO of NGO "Yes We Can". she is doing her Bs Degree in Leadership and Management Studies "LMS" from NDU islamabad

Wajahat Azam

Gen-sect of Gb Got Talent

CEO Of Juu-Cuisine and well known Artist and young Businessman .he did his Master degree from Echonomics from IM-Science Peshawar. basically he is from Taus Yasin GB living in rawalpindi

Muneeza Hashmi

H.R of GB Got Talent

Medical Student, she did her intermediate from Public school and college jutial Gilgit. Well Known socialist and Creative minded personality

Tahira Jan

Communication-sect of GB Got Talent

medical student, she did her FSC from Public School and College GB. she is great socialist and having motivational personality

Anayat Amir

Content Writer of GB Got Talent

Student of Mass-communication at National University Of Modern Languages. currently he is working with Morning mail news channel islamabad as a chief editor.

Adnan Murad

Info-Sect of GB Got Talent

Student of BBA at COMSATS University Lahore. He had done intermediate from AKHSS Gilgit.

Shahida Azam

Sect-Gen of GB Got Talent

A medical student shahida is from Yasin Ghizer. she had done intermediate from AKHSS Sherqilla, Now she is living in Islamabad

Jamshid Ahmed

Finance-sect of GB Got Talent

jamshid is the well known social activist and v.president of "Yes We Can". he did his FSC from AKHSS Gilgit GB. Recently he is doing his BS LMS from National Defence University (NDU) islamabad

Wajahat Shah Aalmi

Music Expert of GB Got Talent

well known young Artist Wajahat shah is also from GB. He did his bachlors degree in Musicalogy from National College Of Arts NCA lahore

Wajahat Sultan

sect-Media of GB Got Talent

Wahat is a great social worker and column writer. he is from gilgit and have done his bachlors degree from gilgit. recently he is working with pak-army


Eram Shahzadi

Ambassador(LUMS) of GB Got Talent

Student Iram Shahzadi belongs to GB. Currently she is doing her Bacholers degree from Lahore University Of Management Sciences (LUMS) She did her Fsc from AKHSS Gahkuch.Now she is based in Lahore

Syed Asad Hussain

Ambassador(Gilgit) of GB Got Talent

Syed Asad Hussain is one of the well known socialist briliant Apps Developer and co-founder of Habiscus(NGO). recently he is doing his BSIT from KIU Gilgit

Nooreen Ali

Advisor of GB Got Talent

Nooreen Ali is one of the brilent student of AKHSS Hunza belongs to Yasin Gilgit Baltistan recently she is doing her graduation degree from ARID Agriculture University Rawalpindi Pakistan

Jansher Khan

Advisor of GB Got Talent Karachi

Jansher khan is one of the multi-talented student from gilgitbaltistan, After completing his Fsc fom karchi he started his Bachelors from karachi university and also living in karachi

Nazir Ahmed Khan

Advisor of GB Got Talent

Nazir is one of the shining student as well as a well known social activist from gilgit baltistan and living in lahore pakistan. he has done his fsc from AKHSS gilgit. Now a days he is doing his Bachelors from Lahore University of Management Sciences

"GB_Got_Talent" is the group of students from Gilgit-Baltistan create this group to enhance
the talent of Gilgit-Baltistan youth. we believe that
a struggle is necessary for success. so we have to create a platforms to
increase the talent in our youth.